Rules of animal transport within the EU and other countries


* The animal must have a microchip implant.

* The animal must have a valid passport.

* * The animal must have a valid rabies vaccine in its passport if the destination country does not allow unvaccinated animals to enter. The date of rabies vaccination must not be earlier than the date of application of the microchip implant. If the animal is vaccinated against rabies for the first time, its effectiveness will take effect 21-30 days after its application, as prescribed by a given country.

* Tapeworm treatment – Echinococcus (Echinacoccus multilocularis): this treatment is necessary for countries such as Malta, Ireland, Finland, the United Kingdom and other 3rd countries. It must be carried out between 24 and 120 hours before entering the country and recorded in the animal’s passport. Praziquantel must be the active substance in worming.

* Animal health check: must be performed and recorded on the passport 0-48h before the animal’s journey.

* Health Intratrade Certificate: every animal transported for sale must have this certificate during transport, issued by your Regional Veterinary Administration.

* 3rd country health certificate: this certificate is required when traveling to countries such as the US, Africa, China and others. Along with this document, the animal must have an import permit or special health certificate for many destinations; we will be happy to help you with all the documents. (insert this paragraph as new just below the Health Certificate)

* It must not be overwritten in the animal’s passport and health records! The stamp of the certifying veterinarian must include their name, address, telephone or email and preferably their ID number.

* Please note that the transport of animals must be carried out only by transporters with valid certificates authorizing the transport and by vehicles approved by the veterinary authorities. In the case of checks during the trip and possible infringement of regulations by non-authorized transporters, breeders are subject to having their pets quarantined and subsequent sanctions.